The spirit animal of brotherhood

The tale of bearoté dates back long before the birth of the Americas. The specific origin of the bearoté is hard to pinpoint, having roots from Central and South America stretching to the Celtic lands of Ireland and Scotland. Little known by the modern inhabitants of these lands, the bear - coyote hybrids are born in litters of 3. Genetically bearotés are not triplets, but siblings. Shortly after birth the 2 stronger of the bearoté cubs team up on the weakest of the litter and attack him. In the these encounters the bearoté being attacked is killed, eaten whole, completely devoured from tip to tail.

Whilst this instinct appears brutal it is said that there is an unseen reason for this cannibalistic urge. It is believed that the bearoté does not simply kill, but rather that the bearotés retain the power of their fallen brother and gain a spiritual guide. Bearotés are closely connected with the spirit world and are able to see into alternate dimensions and take part in those ethereal spaces. They can jump in and out of this physical existence and that is part of the reason they have remained such an elusive biological phenomena.

The death of the 3rd sibling is a way in which the trio of bearoté cubs gain hold of their spirit entity. The 3rd bearoté’s spirit never leaves the other 2 bearoté brothers. He guides them, protects them, enlightens and challenges them in their earthly dwellings. The bearotés can see, feel, hear and understand the guidance of their celestial brother and use his spirit and his power to live out their physical lives. They never lose their brother, but instead have his presence reign over them to help build them to a higher earthly and spiritual significance.

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